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2011 in Review

Your Style or You're Stale?

Southwest Ambulance / Green Energy: Part Two

Shooting for Green Energy (Part 1)

Payson Fire Dept Shoot

Life On The Road....

Commercial Product Shoot

Pre-Production and General Craziness

Do Your Research!

Jay P. Morgan's shoot with MTV's Darren McMullen


More Pics from USMC Shoot

US Marine Portrait Shoot

REAL War Photography!....

Re-Branding Day!!

Fstoppers Video - Photographer Patrick Hall

Behind the Scenes with Martin Schoeller for TIME's 100...

Studio Shoot Today

Security Guard Shoot

Tim Hetherington

Another Wrap - Foresight Systems

Today's Shoot is a Wrap

This Is What Photography Is All About

It's Finally Here!....

Assistant Needed TODAY!

Looks like HALO - Take Two....

A Few Things In The Works...


HALO Shoot Is A Wrap! (Video, Photos, and Behind-The-Scenes)

New Editorial Client

Did The Recession Suddenly End This Week??

AGAIN!?... And other updates....

Helicopter Update!

First Published Image of 2011....