Another Wrap - Foresight Systems

I just finished editing the images from a commercial job I completed tonight at Foresight Systems, in Chandler, AZ.

It was a pretty quick, simple shoot. Most of the time spent outside, and on top of the forks of a raised forklift for the exterior shots. I decided to go with HDR for the front, though I have quite a few standard single frame images of the exterior as well.


The whole shoot lasted a mere 2 hrs, and the first full hour was exterior alone.

After I was confident I had a handful of solid exterior photos, we went inside. This building is gorgeous inside, and bursting with amazing technology, with beautiful lighting, it was just a pleasure to shoot. I threw some strobe in on a couple interior shots, but most of the lighting is just the room's lights.

I sure wouldn't mind if the inside of my house looked like this! The shoot went great, just very quick and simple. I appreciate all the hard work of Ivan Rojas, who assisted me, and Ryan Kortman, of Foresite, who really made the shoot come together as easily as it did.

Tomorrow I rest, because I have a crazy shooting schedule on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And again next week as well! But I love every minute of it!


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