Studio Shoot Today

Well, Spent about 3 hours in the studio this afternoon, shooting a model. Pretty straight-forward. Photos and text inside!

So, we shot in a downtown Phoenix studio for a few hours today. Basic set-up was 3 lights and a fan. The main light was a Norman 400b in a beauty dish, with a speedlight in a stripbox for the rim lighting and a speedlight on the floor to splash some color onto the gray background.

The fan was a huge help to add some drama to the hair, which I think the rim lighting highlighted very nicely. I think I may have had the fan on too high though, because her eyes were watering by the time we were done!

I don't do as much studio shooting as I would like, I think I need to change that!

Misc. Updates:

-The US Marine portrait is coming up soon, within a few weeks, but no exact date set as of yet. I have a TON of plans for the studio shots, but working hard on getting a real military Humvee to shoot with for some outside shots. I've made some places, written some e-mails, but keep coming up short. If anybody has a line on a modern US military vehicle, or other military props, hit me up with them.

-The second HALO shoot has been pushed back to the fall, their training schedule is too full for right now.

-Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Chief of the Whittmann, AZ Fire Department, he has emailed me a few times over the past year looking for a photographer. Coordinating photography for various AZ fire departments is one of my favorite parts of being the State Director of the International Fire Photographers Association. (

-That's all for now! Check back soon for what's going on.


  1. Nice session. It made me giggle to think about the model tearing because of the wind in her eyes.
    Hope to see more of your work soon.


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