More Pics from USMC Shoot

I wrote the last post after a 14hr day, and wanted to get some images posted. With everything finally done, and settled down, I was able to refine a few images a little more, and pick out some favorites. So I thought I'd share my favorite images and some short descriptions of the post-work done on them. Enjoy!


The photo above is my favorite of the day. I love the color and lighting, and I think the posing and expression really lent itself to the "commerciality" of this particular shot. The lighting for this shot was incredibly simple, with my main light shot through an umbrella on camera right, and a reflector on the kicker light to the subject's light. That flare on the left side of the frame was natural from the kicker, no post work was done to emphasize it, and I love that flare.

I adjusted the levels initially, to give it the feel it has right now. Then made just minor adjustments to the curves and increased mid-tone contrast. Finally, after just a little dodging on his face, and more overall contrast added.

This image was my second favorite. Many of the reasons I loved the first one follow this one as well. The lighting was basically the same setup as in the last one, and the contrast was pretty high to begin with.

I made the same levels and curves adjustments for this one, and reduced the saturation just very slightly. I didn't do the dodging on this image, because I wanted the shadows to stay deep and dark, but I did lighten his eyes just a little to bring them out of the shadows. Finally, overall contrast was increased.

I pulled maybe 6 or 7 favorites from the shoot, but the above are my top 2. I had a great time with the shoot, still hoping to figure out either a humvee or helo to use and shoot again.

For some general updates, I'm getting married in about 2 weeks in Panama, so there is a lot going on right now, and I won't be shooting a lot after this week until about July, so there may not be any updates for a few weeks. I do have a 3-day shoot beginning tomorrow morning, I'm getting prepped for it right now.


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