Did The Recession Suddenly End This Week??

This week has been unbelievable, literally. If I don't write this down and then re-read it, I may not believe myself.

In the last 24hrs alone, I have connected with a very prolific commercial and editorial photographer that will keep me busy shooting for at least the next 12-18 months, I have picked up gigs at TWO new magazines I have never before worked with - and I mean REGULAR work, not once a year after I remind them I'm still here, but several shoots per month. And finally, about 2o minutes ago, as I was reflecting with Diana just how insane this week has been with the sudden influx of work, I received a phone call from an advertising company asking me to shoot all their local Phoenix work. I have become so frighteningly busy in the last couple days, I had to decline that ad company's shoot next Thursday, while still agreeing to work with them on future projects.

My new shooting schedule has become very daunting, and I should probably refrain from putting too much thought into that for right now, less I have a mini panic-attack!

If this is the new trend, I'm greatly encouraged, and this will be a fantastic year. I'm genuinely excited about 2011, and I am confident that the road will get brighter, and the work steadier as the year progresses.

I want to encourage all photographers out there, use the slow time to position yourself for the rush. Work on the self-assignments, push yourself creatively to new levels, and when the budgets return, and the work hits like a tidal wave, be the one in position to handle it. Don't waste time. I have always heard that a recession is the best time to invest, because there reaches a point when things can only go up from there!

Push yourself, market yourself, and get ready to finally see the results of your hard-work.


  1. MATT I AM SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! You give me such inspiration and hope. I just don't want to look like a dork and tell you in your face when we work together! I hope the work just keeps coming for you so that (gasp) one day you'll have to pick and choose!! (oh my.)


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