Payson Fire Dept Shoot

Last Sunday I spent the day in Payson, AZ with the Payson FD. Every October we shoot portraits of all the firefighters, group photos, and do some commercial and recruiting images.

Continue Inside....

As you can probably tell in the image above, the lighting set-ups are very simple, very clean. Last year I used a 3 light set, this year was only 2. The main light is a Norman 400b inside a halo, high and to camera right. A large fill card is just outside the frame on the subject's right, and a kicker is at the subject's 5 o'clock. Thats's it.

There was no need for a background light, the spill from the main easily lit the flag without too much spill onto the black.

This whole set was put together right inside the day-room of Payson's new Fire Station 13, between the chairs and the TV, just to give you an idea of the small space available to work with. But even the smallest of spaces, carefully planned, can turn into a beautiful studio location.

It's always a pleasure working with Payson FD, they couldn't be more generous or fun to work with, already looking forward to next October, and hopefully a few other shoots in the Spring. We're talking about some Wildland Firefighting photos for thiss Spring/Summer, so that'll be a blast.


I'm working on an editorial shoot coming up in the next week or so, for Journal of Emergency Medical Services it has to do with solar power and green energy in emergency medicine, specifically related to Southwest Ambulance's purchase of 40 new ambulances equipped with solar panels. I'm very excited about this shoot, and am in pre-production right now. Working on shot lists and locations right now. The magazine has an art meeting this wednesday to finalize some ideas they have, plus the ideas I have... it's gonna be a fun one! I'll let you know how it's progressing!


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