New Editorial Client

This past week I added a new editorial client and new commercial client. The commercial client is an advertising company, and while it'll be on-going work, it's nothing fantastic. The new editorial client is a local Phoenix-area publisher that prints two local real-estate magazines, Commercial Executive Magazine, and Residential Executive Magazine, I'll be shooting a few times a month for both.

The work will mainly be shooting features and covers for both periodicals, and all environmental portraits. I'm excited about the added work, and certainly for the shot at more magazine covers, so I'm looking forward to getting started!


-The HALO 151 shoot is this Friday, I have been checking the weather almost obsessively, and as of now it's looking PERFECT: Partly cloudy, no wind, 66 degrees, and a 6:15pm sunset! Fingers are officially crossed. I will be gathering, checking, and testing all the gear and equipment this week, making sure there are enough lights, enough stands, enough pocketwizards, cameras, media cards, light modifiers, sand bags, tape, tripods, batteries...... the list would go on forever.

-I'm renting a Color Meter this week, a color meter will measure the color temperature of any light and give you it's Kelvin number. So, I will check my Normans and SB's, to get the exact color readings, then put my light modiers on them, and get the temperatures of my PLM, umbrellas, beauty dish, soft boxes, etc., and then label them accordingly. I'm done with just using the "lighting bolt" when I'm using my lights. It may not sound like much, and the visual difference between 5600k and 5500k may not be much - but I'm stepping up my game in 2011. Commercial work is all about precision and exactness, and I'm putting my whole heart into moving up a level this year.


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