Helicopter Update!

I know I have been mentioning this for a little wile now, but it is FINALLY on the calendar!

I will be doing my helicopter shoot of HALO 151 on February 13th. I scheduled two hours of shooting at HALO Base (@ Glendale Airport) and an hour of shooting on the roof of Banner Thunderbird Hospital. We'll be on the roof for sunset through twilight, so I'm excited about that.

This has been the most challenging shoot for me to plan to date, logistically speaking. It's been several months of planning and calling, and emailing, and emailing, and emailing, and calling, but finally pulled it all together. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use a hospital's roof-top pad for a portion of the shoot. I then researched every valley hospital with a roof-top pad that had decent views west and/or to the Phoenix skyline. After hours of research, I had a list compiled, and went to work tracking down the media relations people at each hospital. Most hospitals do not have a link or even a reference on their website, so it took a little while to get the information I needed.

I ultimately narrowed it down to three hospitals, Maryvale Hospital, St. Joseph's, and Banner Thunderbird, with the latter two being the preferred options. Maryvale never ended up responding, but the response from both Banner T-Bird and St. Joe's were surprisingly enthusiastic! I was really excited to see their response.

In the end, we chose Banner Thunderbird because of location - HALO will stay available to fly during this shoot at both locations, and their coverage area is the west valley, so keeping both locations in Glendale will keep their flight times shorter in the event we need to stop the shoot to launch the helicopter.

I'm looking forward to this shoot, I'll be excited to finally wrap it up and move on to the next one, but there is still quite a bit to do: shot list, lighting, write up releases, etc., so plenty to keep my busy for two more weeks!


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