Today's Shoot is a Wrap

I was shooting a personal project today up north in Two Guns, AZ. If you aren't familiar with Two Guns, its basically a group of abandoned buildings just off the I-40 about 30 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ.

Today's project was one of the ideas I had for the gas mask shoot.


The two locations I specifically wanted at Two Guns are an abandoned gas station, and this empty pool covered in graffiti. The whole set was to appear somewhat apocalyptic, and I think these two location conveyed that feeling.

 All the images in this post were shot with the same light set-up. Overhead beauty dish for a mail light, with kickers on the left and right, both bare.

We really could not have asked for better conditions, we got to Two Guns around 7am, and it was cloudy and maybe 35 degrees, and by the time we began shooting it was a beautiful 50 with fantastic clouds and a light breeze. There was nobody within miles of our shoot with the exception of the highway patrolman that dropped in to see what we were up to.

We shot for about 3hrs, and called it a wrap. Out of about 90 images captured, I edited maybe 60, and have just about 10 solid ones I was pretty happy with. It was a good shoot, and I can't thank Ryan enough for wearing that mask for so long!

Some things in the queue right now, on Monday I am doing a commercial shoot at Foresight Systems in Chandler, just some basic exterior/interior shots of the building, warehouse, and showroom.

The following Tuesday, I have the "Security Guard" shoot finally on the calendar, with a call time of 7pm. I could use one more assistant if anybody is interested in joining us in Chandler that night.

Also, next week, I have a three-day shoot for Gilbert Fire, finishing up some LODD portraits. And HALO should be going on the calendar in the near future as we finalize some details there.

Busy month! Stay tuned for the updates!


  1. Matt these were awesome. Apocalyptic is a good word for the vibe of these! You go with your bad self with a FULL schedule!

  2. p.s. two guns sounds scary, it needs a movie written around it, maybe you can even do that next! :)

  3. @ Karina: Two Guns really isn't scary, it's a gas station, a few other buildings, a pool, some water tanks, and it's right beside the I-40, you can see all the car and trucks passing. There is also a set of old indian ruins called Canyon Diablo that's kinda cool right beside it.

    It's a great location for the 'abandoned' look


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