Looks like HALO - Take Two....


I results of the HALO shoot a couple of weeks ago were quite surprising. Every organization with a hand in the HALO program, or in the shoot (Banner) wants prints and we are going to be scheduling another shoot sometime in April-ish for some more images - some will be quite specific.

I am actually about to order 15 large pano prints (12x36s) of the image below, they are being requested for offices and hallways everywhere.

KEEP READING after the jump.....

I'm very excited about beginning pre-pro on another HALO shoot, and the idea are flowing, wheels are turning, light bulbs are turning on... you get the idea. There are a few shots I wasn't able to get the first time around, due to weather mostly, as I specifically planned the first shoot on a stormy day. This next shoot will be specifically planned for a cloudless day, so some different opportunites available.

I'll update the twitter machine and the ol' blog as the fluid ideas settle into something more concrete.

In the meantime, pre-production is advancing on the 'gas mask' shoot and 'security guard' shoot, both will go down this month(ish?). As always, flexibility is the name of the game. Stay tuned for the updates!


  1. the shot of the helicopter looks like those prints you see everywhere..."determination" etc etc etc. it just looks so amazing. You rocked it!


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