Cover Shoot: Jan Kabbani for Residential Executive Magazine

I recently photographed local residential real-estate broker Jan Kabbani for the cover of Residential Executive Magazine, the same client as my Heather Maclean shoot several months ago. A new trend for these shoots is photographing the realtors at one of their listings, as opposed to just in their office, and I can say that I'm loving it, all $2 Million of it....

The gorgeous central Scottsdale home we shot this feature in is currently listed for $2 million. Located just a couple of minutes from Fashion Square Mall, inside a gated (and guarded) community, this home has stone floors imported from France, a living room wall that slides open to the backyard (Yes, the entire wall of the house opens...) and a yard full of gardens and fountains.

It was an immaculate house, and such a fantastic shooting location.

We began the shoot outside in front of the fountains to nail those shots before it got any hotter outside, then moved into the living room. I had the wall opened to eliminate any specular highlighting from my main light, and, well, because I wanted to see the entire wall open of course. For both the initial backyard shots and the living room shots I used just one White Lightning light with an 80" PLM from Paul C. Buff. I opted for short-looped lighting outside, and went with a mix of butterfly lighting and Rembrandt lighting for the living room.

The final set of images was under the shaded back patio, with Jan seated at this really great old wooden table. It looked like something straight out of castle dining room. I didn't use any flash for the last set, just the natural soft light that was already there.

I had a blast shooting in this beautiful home, and Jan was just a fantastic subject, very kind and personable. It was a great shoot, and if you're interested, the home is still for sale. Just don't drive through that neighborhood with a 1997 Toyota 4Runner with a broken headlight if you want to feel like you could fit in there.


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