Los Angeles County Fire Department

Whenever I'm traveling, I send a message out to the editors and art directors I work with regularly. I let them know where I'll be, when I'll be there, and my availability while there.

 Once I confirmed that I was going to be in Los Angeles for a couple of days for the USCG shoot, I did the same thing. I heard back from JEMS magazine, same magazine as the Infant Hyperthermia shoot last month, and they asked if I would spend the day with LACo Fire Department, photographing EMS calls. I knew I'd be free all day on Friday following the USCG shoot, so we made the arrangements. Keep reading inside for the full summary...

Riding along with an EMS Supervisor for LACo FD was nothing new, as a photographer specializing in emergency response, I photograph fire and police 'ride-alongs' all the time. Having never worked with LA County before though, I was excited to be spending the day with them and photographing the runs they got.

In the 6 hours I spent with LA County, we responded to a drowning turned body recovery, a car accident, a handful of difficulty breathing calls, a cardiac arrest call, and a fall. I couldn't believe the call volume LACo FD handles, it was just incessant. We jumped on photographically interesting calls that were within 3-5 minutes away from our location at any given time to be able to photograph Fire and EMS arriving on-scene, assessing, treating, and transporting patients.

Many images I took will fall under HIPAA protection, but there are a few I can post here. It was a blast spending the day speeding around the Los Angeles area, and I'm grateful to Los Angeles County Fire Department for graciously making the arrangements. In no particular order, here are a few shots from that day:

LA County Sheriff deputy coordinating with FD and a helo during the search for a drowning victim.

LA County Lifeguard diver begins searching the lake for drowning victim.

McCormick Ambulance paramedic standing by on a call

LACo FD captain acting as 'Command' at drowning call.

Additional divers from LACo FD's Urban Search & Rescue team join in the search.

Motor Vehicle Accident near LAX airport.

LACo FD assessing an elderly man in his home, complaining of difficulty breathing.


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