Heather MacLean for Residential Executive Magazine

In October, I did a shoot for one of my very regular clients, a media company based here in Phoenix that publishes several different magazines. When I do these feature or cover shoots for this client, I typically will get a date and time to shoot, and zero to few other details. I have a great bit a freedom creatively, however I usually have very little time with the subjects and the locations only vary between inside an office building and outside of an office building. Finally, a shoot that mixed things up a little bit...

Continue Inside...

I arrived a little early, my location was a small office building complex in central Phoenix, as usual, and I spent a few minutes in my truck looking around. The buildings had no courtyard to speak of, no attractive walls, fountains, vines, etc., so that meant another shoot inside a real estate office. Then, just as I was getting out a clump of trees at the end of the parking lot caught my eye. The sun was back lighting the yellow leaves of these trees beautifully, and I knew right away I wanted to shoot something right there in the parking lot, if my subject was up for it. I figured, no matter how the office looks, I would at least have those trees to work with.

I stepped into the MacLean Realty office and I honestly couldn't believe what I saw. Dark wood flooring, colorful and vibrantly painted walls, bright furniture, dark wood panel doors, it looked more like a luxury home than any office I had ever shot in before.
Heather was great to work with, and allowed a full hour for our shoot. She was being featured in REM for having one of her best years in real estate during one of the toughest times for realtors in recent history. I had a great time working with her, and her office is just amazing. It's been one of my favorite shoots for that client in all of our time working together.


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