Ryan O'Connor - NGKF

I recently had the opportunity to work with Phoenix-area commercial real-estate broker Ryan O'Connor from NGKF.

Ryan specializes in selling and leasing office and healthcare space in the Phoenix-area, I was photographing him for a local real-estate magazine that was featuring him as their rising star of the month.

The nature of this type of editorial shoot typically allows little time for actual photography, the locations are busy, the subject is busy, it's about getting the shots and getting out.

Ryan was kind enough to spend a full 30 minutes shooting with me in and around his office at the Biltmore Financial building in Phoenix. We were lucky to be shooting on a pretty temperate May morning for the Phoenix-area, so the balconies were in play, as was the balcony of a generous neighboring tenant with a different view of the area.

The balcony shots were a mix of natural light, when the clouds moved across the sun, or a single speedlight in an umbrella when Ryan was in the direct sunlight.

From the balconies we moved to the building's main lobby on the ground floor for some natural light portraits, lit with a large bank of glass doors and full length windows.

There was a lot more to the lobby of the building I wish I could've explored while shooting with Ryan, however, time just didn't allow it.

All in all, it was a great shoot and we walked away with some great images. Having a location you can work multiple looks and shots out of is great, but what really made the shoot work was Ryan's great attitude.

Ryan being comfortable with the camera, and open to explore any idea I had while we were shooting together, made the shoot a breeze for me. I plan on keeping that building in my back pocket as a potential location for future shoots, as well. I love the flexibility and the diversity of shots that can be captured there.




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