Grand Canyon Skywalk with Abseilon USA

If you've seen the photos, or read the blog post, from my shoot at Kennedy Space Center a couple years ago you're already familiar with Abseilon USA. Due to the nature of their work, shooting with Abseilon is never boring, so needless to say, Abseilon + Grand Canyon = pretty amazing things.

If you aren't familiar with the Skywalk it's a horseshoe-shaped glass bottom bridge suspended 4000 feet over the bottom of the Grand Canyon, so it alone it quite an experience. Abseilon is contracted to clean the bottom of the Skywalk's glass floor and it's an aerial ballet that takes several days of intense planning and work.

Definitely the most fun I've had at a shoot so far this year, so I'll just let the images speak for themselves...

BTS photo of me shooting a portrait of one of Abseilon USA's rope access technicians suspended below the Skywalk.



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