Goodbye 2012 - Hello 2013

Wow, 2012 was just a whirlwind. I can't believe it's almost March of 2013. Now that I can officially look back / reflect on the previous year, I am both proud and disappointed. I think I accomplished every business goal I set for last year, and have some images and tearsheets that I'm very happy with, but a few things that should have been better as well.


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I'm elated that I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish this year, but at the same time I feel as if I didn't dream big enough, none of the goals were 'overly ambitious,' and that I intend to change with my 2013 goals for sure.

Headshot session

I have never had a year with as many commercial and editorial shoots as 2012, which is great of course, and I hope to smash that record in 2013. But on the downside, I went the entire year without any significant personal projects or personal shoots, and that's incredibly disappointing. I feel creatively stifled when I don't shoot for myself, especially when I have so many personal projects in various stages of planning that I hope to get done this year. One of my biggest goals, in fact, is to shoot more for myself this year than I have in any other year, and I'm very excited about that.

Photos on assignment for JEMS magazine, outside of Tucson, AZ.

I began working with a couple of new regular clients this year which I'm excited to continue with, including an advertising client that has kept me pretty busy each month. I also had some of my best shoots with old, semi-regular editorial clients this year which turned into great projects. I'll post a couple of my favorite covers of 2012 as well as some of my favorite images of 2012 below.

Residential Executive Magazine, December, 2012

Fire Chief magazine, April, 2012
Commercial Executive Magazine, October 2012
Journal of Emergency Medical Services, "State of the Science," September, 2012
The Inside Coup, October 2012

Outside of my regular commercial / editorial work, I had a few fun corporate shoots (like: and I have been shooting for a new Phoenix-based non-profit that deals with human-trafficking, Unchained Movement. The images and story boards I've worked on with Unchained have been very creative and very conceptual, and just a blast to shoot. I look forward to doing more pro-bono and charity work in 2013 as well

Heather Maclean, shot on assignment for Residential Executive Magazine
Above three images shot for "Unchained Movement" for human-trafficking awareness campaign
Above three images photographed for Fire Chief magazine's special issue on foam.


Catherine Anaya of CBS 5 News, photographed on assignment for 202 Magazine



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