Brazilian Pianist Michele Adler Cohen - Arizona Jewish Life Magazine

At the end of October I photographed Pianist Michele Adler Cohen, from Brazil, for the cover of Arizona Jewish Life Magazine.


The shoot was originally planned to take place in the recital hall of a Scottsdale piano store, so I looked into the location during my regular shoot prep. With the help of Google maps, the store's website, and YouTube videos taken inside I was immediately sure of one thing- we HAD to choose a new location.

I found out the location for this cover shoot with a world-class pianist would be taking place in a small windowless room with low ceilings and florescent lights... Right away I began sending out messages to the magazine and to the subject, I needed to know if there was a reason this location was chosen that I wasn't aware of, and at the same time come up with possible alternatives to suggest to Michele and the magazine. I found out we weren't locked into the location and my subject was open to alternatives, I strongly suggested we try and secure the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.

The museum returned our call and gave permission for us to shoot there. Their concert hall would be unavailable, however, but we'd be able to use the Steinway piano they have in their hallway. The MIM hallway, with it's large banks of windows and curving hallways would still be leaps and bounds better than the original location, so I was still excited it worked out on literally just a day's notice.

Michele and I met at the MIM at 11am and went to work. We had several sets to work through and we spent about 2 hours shooting. I used a mix of lighting and natural light to bring out our subject and location, but with such a beautiful background I really couldn't go wrong. Honestly, the only challenge we faced was the crowds Michele kept drawing with her incredible talent while playing through our shoot.

I couldn't be happier with the images we left with, and I want to thank the Musical Instrument Museum for their accommodations, Michele for her grace and patience throughout the shoot, and for the staff of AZ Jewish Life Magazine for trusting my last minute location changing whims.



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