QCM Technologies

In August I had the opportunity to photograph Jorge Quintero, the CEO of Scottsdale, AZ., based QCM Technologies.

QCM Tech is an IT company specializing  in business solutions and I was lucky enough to photograph Jorge in the server room of their Scottsdale headquarters. I've always wanted to play around with server-room portraits, so I was excited to have the time to try a few things.

Jorge was a fantastic subject, easy-going and willing to let me experiment with some different ideas. Given that is was an usually humid august afternoon in Arizona, I think everybody was on-board with me using some extra time in the 70 degree server room before heading outside.

The biggest challenge I faced in the server room was just space. I couldn't fit my main light with it's modifier into the room at all, so I had to light Jorge with my key light through a window to the hallway. I also used two speedlights, gelled blue, for background lights. The walls being just plain white, they needed some color to make the image pop. I chose blue to compliment the blue screen on the server itself.

In addition to the server room, we did a few obligatory photos with the QCM Tech logo, as well as some portraits with a powerpoint background behind Jorge, giving the feeling of Jorge making a presentation to clients.

Eventually, however, we had to make the dreaded move outside. Given the heat and humidity, I asked Jorge to hang out in the AC until our outside spot was located and the lighting dialed in. After about 15 minutes of preparing, we called for him to join us. We chose a spot in the grass that was right at the corner of QCM's building. The corner of the building added some depth to the background, making a plain building slightly more dynamic. It also worked to show the two separate titles QCM represented itself with.



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