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I shot for ASU Magazine for the first time back in April, it was a great experience and I cannot wait to work with them again in a few months. Check out the details inside...

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The art director scouted the location several days in advance, we were to shoot at Cardon Children's Hospital, in Mesa. From this shoot, we needed just one image - a portrait of Rebecca Kuhn, President of the Arizona East Region for Banner Health. Our call time was about an hour before we were to begin shooting. I met the AD and he walked me to the specific spot he wanted. He told me how he visualized it, from framing to lighting, to posing. I literally just set up the lights accordingly, tethered my camera to a laptop, and went from there.

I went with a simple three-light setup for this one. One main light in an umbrella high and camera right, I used a Norman 400b for the main. The sun was my rim light on the left, and a second 400b was my rim light on the right. The second Norman being about 15 feet off her shoulder at a 45 degree angle. The last light was a Yongnuo YN560II just to my left at about wait height for fill. Everything was triggered with Pocketwizard Plus X's.

When Rebecca arrived, I had her stand in the designated spot, the lighting was dialed in before she arrived, so we hit the ground running. After each image I captured, the AD and I would consult over the laptop, talk about the slightest of tweaks like moving a hand an inch here, lowering the camera height by 1/2" to cover a window, etc. I cropped a little looser than what the final shot would be, to give the editors space to crop how they needed to, the only frustration of the day was the silver minivan that parked halfway through our shoot, visible in the back.

After about 10 frames we nailed it exactly, the AD saw the shot he wanted and we called it a wrap. The shooting time lasted maybe 10 minutes and I just needed to send the full set of RAW files over to him by the afternoon.

It was an absolute pleasure working with him, and the magazine. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to work with them.


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