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Yesterday I shot for a boxing/fitness gym in Goodyear, AZ - Knockout Fitness. It was a three hour shoot of still and video coordinated by a producer and took place in Knockout Fitness's beautiful new location in Goodyear.

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By the end of the shoot I had shot close to 500 frames and blew through several dozen AA batteries, and light powerpacks. Besides being an all around awesome shoot, there were more than a few challenges. First, the videographer and myself were shooting concurrently in different areas of the gym, but though we were in separate corners for every shot, we were constantly needing to keep track of each other's equipment to keep it from ending up in our shots. Between the amount of combined equipment we had set up for each shot and the fact that the gym is completely surrounded by mirrors, that was no easy task. Whenever we finished our sets in a specific area of the gym, we both had to break down, relocate, and set up being conscious of all of the above again.

We had a close to 20 subjects to work through our sets with, between staff and fitness models brought in. For my shot list, I needed multiple models / staff using the free weights and machines. Sometimes the only ways to work around the mirrors were to use the mirrors for the shot. For the shot below, I allowed one of my flashes in the shot to be seen to add drama / flare to the image.

My favorite area of shooting was my last area to set up in, it was a forest of punching bags about 20 bags wide and 20 bags deep. It was a lot of fun lighting and working among them. I loved the depth they added to the shots, as well as the specular highlights and product branding they lent to each image.

I just went through the second round of editing and pulled out some of my favorites to show here. I had a lot of fun, and I'm happy with the way the images are coming out. My only regret is that we were moving so fast all day, I never stopped to show any behind-the-scenes stuff from the shoot.



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