Catherine Anaya, CBS News

Wednesday evening I photographed CBS news anchor Catherine Anaya for the cover of a local Phoenix-area magazine. The shoot called for a cover shot on white seamless and an environmental family shot for the inside spread.

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The shoot took place in Catherine's central Phoenix home, Catherine was able to meet us between the 5pm and 10pm news segments. We began shooting around 7:30pm, the sun had just dropped below the neighborhood roof-line so the lighting was great for the environmental family shots, specifically because I wouldn't need strobes and the images could be more fun and spontaneous, so we took to the street with Nerf guns.

After about 15 minutes out front, we had enough good options for the spread, so being conscious of Catherine's limited time we moved right into the cover shots. My assistant and I set up the light before Catherine arrived home, so all we needed to do was set up the seamless and start shooting. I opted for a large halo for my main light, and used just one light for my set. Space and time precluded the full high-key set up I originally intended, but the results with the single light are still great.

My assistant, Will, held up a silver reflector for some images, and we pulled out about 20 pose variations before we wrapped and Catherine headed back to work. It was a quick and fun shoot, and the second cover I shot that day, so I wasn't gonna complain about it moving pretty quickly!


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