Cover Shoot with Pima County Sheriff's Deputies

Wednesday evening I drove down to Marana, AZ., just north of Tucson, to shoot a cover and inside shots for JEMS magazine.

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I had worked with JEMS just one other time, several months ago on the Southwest Ambulance shoot, so was surprised by the unexpected email. The senior editor and publisher wanted to know if I could conference call with them that afternoon.

During the call, the publisher went on to tell me about a conference he attended where he heard Arizona Department of Public Safety Detective David Kleinman (also with Pima County Regional SWAT) talk about the morning of the Gabby Giffords shooting near Tucson. During the initial minutes of the shooting, where 19 people had been shot, deputies weren't allowing paramedics into the scene with a gunmen actively still shooting, so the Pima County Sheriff Deputies were alone to apprehend the suspect AND treat the wounded.

After hearing Detective Kleinman speak, the JEMS publisher decided they needed to do a story on the deputies and the small trauma pouches they used to save multiple lives, and that this story was important enough to commission a cover for the story. They pitched me the idea, and I immediately caught the vision of what they were wanting.

I spoke with Det. Kleinman, and we set up a shoot, I told him what I was looking for, and what I would need as far as logistics. I then immediately dove into my research because I had just 4 days until the shoot, and had another cover shoot coming up first.

The shoot itself went incredibly smooth, no issues or complaints. I was nailing the shots I envisioned, and the PCSO deputies were great with taking my instructions and providing feedback based on what really happened that day.

I also called the Chief of Golder Ranch Fire District and asked him if he would let us use the ambulance that was on scene that day with two of his paramedics for some of the shots, and he was very supportive and accommodating.

The magazine was happy with the finals, and I'm looking forward to seeing the layouts. I'll post the tears when I get them.


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