Ambitions and Reflections

With 2010 quickly coming to an end, and 2011 approaching in just a few days, it's been a time of reflections and ambition. I have been reflecting upon professional and personal accomplishments from this past year, as well as thinking about goals I didn't make. It was a great year, and I'm gonna be finishing it strong.

I am truly excited about 2011. I am feeling ambitious, and I have been putting that ambition into my professional goals for the coming year. Things are hard right now, budgets are tight, and photography assignments are particularly slow this time of year anyhow, but I know I am in position and ready to get the new year started off right. I also have quite the list of personal items on my 2011 "To-Do List" including my wedding in June, which I just cannot be more excited about.

I thought I would just touch on some of my professional highlights from 2010, and give you an idea of my 2011 plans.

IN 2010:

-FIRST magazine cover
-Appointed Arizona Director of the IFPA
-THREE CD album covers for two different artists
-FIFTEEN published images
-Launched this blog and new flash-based website

PLANNED for 2011:

-At least TWO magazine covers
-TWENTY published images
-FIVE new magazine clients
-More commercial work
-Write a book about emergency response photography
-More aggressive and targeted marketing
-See an increase in followers in Twitter and this blog, and fans for the facebook page
-More diversity in multimedia projects

Overall, I'm very optimistic about 2011, and what it holds. I am enthusiastic, and ready to get it started. I have a lot of plans, a lot of ideas, and I have a pile of promotional materials packaged, addressed, and waiting for shipment to art directors across the US. I hope to make this year as productive and successful as I can.

Merry Christmas!


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