Angel Thunder 2015 - Bundeswehr Kampfretter (German Pararescue)

Among the 12 international participants at Angel Thunder 2015, one of the most engaged and interactive units was the German Air Force Kampfretter unit, or, Bundeswehr Kampfretter. The Kampfretter unit is Germany’s combat rescue force, very similar to USAF Pararescue, the name Kampfretter literally means ‘Battle Savior’.
Being a very young unit, formed in 2013, the Kampfretters have commanded the respect of their peers in combat rescue units around the world. I was very impressed by the German crews’ professionalism and commitment from my brief time with them. I look forward to having the opportunity to spend more time with Bundeswehr Kampfretter units in the future. I hope you enjoy the images.
You can read more about Bundeswehr Kampfretter HERE

Bundeswehr CH-53GS landing at Camp Navajo, AZ. with German Kampfretter team on board.

Bundeswehr Kampfretters securing the LZ around their Sikorsky CH-53GS while other team members move to meet up with USAF PJs already on the ground.

Bundeswehr Kampfretters preparing to create a casualty collection point to treat and then transport the wounded during a mass casualty exercise during Angel Thunder 2015.

Bundeswehr Kampfretter with German CH-53GS in the background.

Bundeswehr Kampfretter coordinating with team members.
Bundeswehr Kampfretter watches a USAF HH-60 approach the LZ set up for the casualty
collection point operated by joint US/German pararescue teams.



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